General Terms & Conditions of Al Car AG

1. Scope of Application

The following contractual terms are valid for all contracts concerning the rental of any class of vehicle from the company Al Car AG. A contract comes into force immediately on confirmation by Al Car AG with signature or by email. The customer, (also known as the contracting party) declares himself as being in agreement with all the conditions detailed in the stated terms & conditions.
All our services strictly adhere to these terms and conditions unless these have been duly amended or have been formerly altered with written agreement.

2. Quotation

Our quotations are restricted to a particular time frame. They are to be treated confidentially and should only be made available to those who are specifically involved.
The prices quoted are binding and are to paid by bank or credit card prior travel.
With flat rate agreements, the price is valid for the agreed rental period.
All prices, unless explicitly agreed in writing, are quoted in Swiss Francs inclusive of the 7,7 % legal VAT.

3. Terms of Payment

Unless a former agreement has been made, the total costs must be paid within 10 days of the ordering date in line with the invoicing procedure. Al Car AG will charge 15% interest on any overdue fees plus 20 CHF per reminder. Al Car AG has the right to demand a pre-payment of 50% when an order is placed.

4. Cancellation of Contract

Cancellations are only acceptable when made in writing by email, post or fax.
The prerequisite for this is a confirmation of the offer, made by Al Car AG to the potential client.
In the case of cancellation, the costs are calculated as follows:
􀁸 Up to 48 hours before contract start: No liability
􀁸 48 – 24 hours before contract start: 50%
􀁸 Less than 24 hours before contract start or “No Show”: 100%

5. Transportation

Al Car chauffeurs must possess a valid driver’s licence in order to transport passengers. There is no obligation for them to accept passengers.

For the safety of our customers we follow the Government Ordiance on Working Hours and Rest Periods for professional drivers (ARV).
The max. driving time of 9 hours and the max. working and attendance time of 13, (only in exceptional cases 15) hours per working day, must not be exceeded.

Food or drink is strictly prohibited. Pets are not permitted. There is a strict non-smoking policy in all vehicles.
Passengers must obey the driver’s instructions at all times. Seat belts must be worn and failure to do so will make any damage claims void. If passengers act against the advice of the driver, or if they pose a threat to road safety according to road traffic law, including the causing of nuisance to the driver, then Al Car AG or the chauffeurs are entitled to exclude/disqualify such persons from carriage. In such an instance, the entire rental price, including all additional and special services, will be charged. Al Car AG is relieved of it’s service obligation according to a legal ban on driving when there are ozone warnings, smog alarms and similar, as well as natural hazards such as snow, slippery ice, storms etc.

6. Delays

Additional costs caused by delays are borne by the customer, unless they have been caused through fault of Al Car AG.

7. Data Protection

Al Car AG guarantees that all data is treated with the utmost confidentiality according to valid Data Protection Statement.

8. Customer Liability

Passengers must take full responsibility for any damage done to vehicles or interiors, such as excessive soiling on seats, carpets, side and roof panels, as well as improper use of equipment. Claims for perceptible damages should be reported immediately at the end of the journey. Notification must be submitted in writing at the latest 7 days after completion of carriage if damages are not immediately identifiable at the return of the journey. The statutory limitation period for damages caused by intent or gross negligence is 3 years.

9. Company Liability

No liability is assumed for any damages or vehicle failure unless attributable to intent or gross negligence by Al Car AG.

10. Place of Performance & Jurisdiction

Any likely disputes come solely under Swiss Federal Law and the Zurich jurisdiction.

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